Monday, May 3, 2010


That was a lot of posts in a little time!

I still have two more challenges to do hopefully by tonight. The #6 and #7 - With/For a child and the Teacher one from MPS.

This is the first time I ever did a challenge - I was skeptical at first - but I am hooked. It pushes you a little. Sometimes I will get down the the craft room and I get so overwhelmed by all the possibilities - I just stare for a while. And with three kids under 4 my time is limited.

One thing for all those that are busy and think you don't have time. What I did that was SO helpful was print out all the "cheat sheets" from of the carts I have - put them in a binder - with tabs for each cart. And I have a notebook with sketches. I will "design" my card before I go down. I have the cuts and sizes that I want to do. So when I go down - I can be super productive in the short windows that I have. I got 10 cards done in no time that way.

Hopefully my oldest and I can get some scrapping time tonight and get those last two done before the deadline!

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